Ms. MENG Meng, Ellis
Acting Experience
       FILM and TELEVISION (partial list)


            My Great British Girl                        Shasha, Supporting                Wang Gang         

     Lucifer (Season 4, Ep 13)                 Pauline                                      FOX               

           This Is Not Happening                     Stripper Mom                          Comedy Central

Tosh.0.                                                 Nerdy Asian Girl                     Comedy Central

Split                                                      Eve, Supporting                       Laurent Ziliani

Sophia                                                  Mom, Lead                               EllisMengMeng,

                                                                                                                   Laurent Ziliani

Accent                                                  Mei, Supporting                       Allison McCulloh

Crépuscule                                          Wife, Supporting                     Ellis Meng Meng

Blow Cut                                              Mindy, Featured                      Bryon Dormandy

Second Nature                                    Aika, Lead                                Maral Servat

DIL3MMA                                           Bodydouble of the lead          Chloey Zhuo

Ellie                                                       Ellie, Lead                                Mengqi Chen

Whisper of Butterflies                       Alexia, Lead                             Jia Feng

The Secret                                            Dancer                                      Chris Liu



Letters To Eve                                   Ensemble, Choreographer    Julia Lisa

Grand Guignol                                  Whore, Solo Dancer               Erica Solitaire

Son of Man                                         Ensemble, Solo Dancer         Soo Chyun

   Jesus Christ Superstar                     Ensemble, Dancer                  Steven Sabel

      Dark Side of the Moon                     The Nice Girl                           Chris Berube   

        DANCE (partial list)
           COMMERCIAL (upon request)          

  MUSIC VIDEO (upon request)


                        Meisner Technique                           Playhouse West                      Wolfgang Bodison

                        Improvisation                                    Playhouse West                      Jim Nieb

                        Hip-Hop, Burlesque                         Debbie Reynold                      Andie J

                        Pole Dance                                          Sheila Kelly S Factor             Janelle Mara

                        Advanced Movement                        Academy of Art University   Constance Newman                               Salsa, Lyrical Jazz                             Kaiyotes Dance Asia              Doris Tam

                        Modern Dance                                   Hong Kong Baptist Univ.      Daniel Yeung

                        Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk                          BUDA                                       Billy Chan                      

                        Chinese Classical Dance                   HSFZ                                        Yang Na


Work Experience
Writer/Director for Rice Film Productions

12.2011 - present


Feature Film: Spring Festival                                          Writer, Director                                  

Promotion Video for Zhongju Tianguan                       Director                                                 

 Hidden Path (Short)                                                          Writer, Director, Producer, Editor  

 My Dog Is An Alien (webseries)                                      Writer, Director, Producer, Editor  

           Peach Blossom Neverland (TV series)                           Writer                                                             

           Crépuscule (Short)                                                             Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

           The Perfect Divorce (3D Short)                                       Producer, Editor

           How to Travel Forever (Documentary Short)              Producer

           Asian Fantasy (Docudrama Short)                                 Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

           Promotion Video for Guangdong Lab                            Director

           Rice (Short)                                                                         Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

           Wake Up! (Short)                                                               Production Designer

           The Axe Gang (Short)                                                        Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

           Whisper of Butterflies (Short)                                         Writer, Producer, Editor

Juror for Film Outside the Frame



Judge panel for 2017 Loyola Marymount University student award

International Sales Agent at All Rights Entertainment Los Angeles Office

4.2016 - 10.2016

International sales agent based in Hong Kong.


Editor at KO Creative

7.2015 - 10.2015

Being Series Season 4 Episode 9                     Being Loni Love                           

Being Series Season 4 Episode 10                   Being Marsha Ambriosius         

Being Series Season 4 Episode 11                    Being Wendy Raquel Robinson

Being Series Season 5 Episode 1                      Being Mona Scott                        


Assistant to Director for Co-Existence.LLC 

9.2012 - 2.2013

Upcoming major motion picture by director Jackie Kong


Education & Training
Loyola Marymount University

8.2011 - 5.2014

Master of Fine Arts, Film Production                Graduation date: May 2014

 Related Course: Directing, Editing, Cinematography and Screenwriting.


Academy of Art University

9.2010 - 5.2011

Master of Fine Arts, Motion Picture and Television

Related Course: Final Cut Pro, Avid Editing, Screenwriting, Directing and Acting.


Hong Kong Baptist University

9.2006 - 6.2010

Bachelor of Social Science, Cinema and Television                 Graduation date: June 2010

Related Course: TV Studio Production, Non-fiction Video Production, Film Editing, Animation and Special Effect, Directing, Screenwriting, Sound, Film History, etc.



Native in Mandarin and Cantonese

Fluent in English


Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect